Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Heres it goes. My journey back into this blog world. I figured there was no better time than the present.

I have been loving the start of nesting mode of pregnancy and considering pregnancy gives you a lapse in memory, I don't want to forget a second on this stuff. Pregnancy teaches you so much about becoming a mom, it teaches you about your marriage and about your life. Not to mention it teaches you to become so comfortable with all the lovely and not-so-lovely things that it can bring.
25 Week Bump

I am 26 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling large and in charge. But sometime around October 12 our little man will be joining this crazy family.
Baylor Matthew

And yes, it's crazy even though it's just the two of us. That's what happens when your husband is your best friend. Our life is full of lots of play fights, name calling, bedtime chats, kisses and weird languages. And even though God takes us on journeys that I'm not so sure what the result will be, I am forever grateful I get to do it with this man!

Bare with me as I get this thing up and rolling again!

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