Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So the lovely winter cold/ cough has hit this house. It started with little B and now the three of us are all taken out. Last Tuesday Baylor had his 4 month appointment and had a slight cough. By the end of the week he was up every night at 4 am coughing like crazy and puking. We took him to the doctor again on Friday just to make sure he was okay, and he just has to work through it. He is slowly getting back to normal. But nights are still hard and it has definitely effected my sleeping through the night baby.
Of course this weekend the hubs and I started feeling stuffed up. Now we have all kinds of congestion, itchy ears and throats, stuffy noses and just feeling totally under the weather. Hopefully I can report back soon with a healthy household!

  Here is some pictures to document his past sick week.
Bath time after getting sick all over his clothes
If that's not a stuffed up look I don't know what is

This is how this sick boy has been sleeping lately! Always up next to his rails.

We have been wearing bibs and having burp clothes around at all times, because there is lots of stuff being spit up

Getting ready for a walk in the fresh air on a nice day this past weekend

Me and my boy on our walk

how snuggly and cute is he

my boys!

had to pull over on the way home so this boy could cough up some gunk

blurry pic but you can see his gunk on his blankie! GROSS!

passed out on the couch.. notice the hair everywhere!

Watching tv hanging with his sophie giraffe
This mama got her hair done! Hopefully the new color grows on me, change is always scary!


How cute is this little nugget copying my kissy face! Excuse my post workout look.

Kisses from B baby

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Our new condo is a bit smaller than the townhouse we were living in in Colorado! Because of this we have a very limited amount of storage for all of our stuff. Up until late this week I had all of our kitchen stuff just sitting on the floor.

We decided we would look at IKEA for a shelving unit. We needed to have something right away or I would have had my unbelievable craftsman of a husband build it. Our garage finally got organized for him to have his workplace late this week as well. So we wanted to go somewhere we could get one for a reasonable price. 

I loaded it up with all of our "pretty" kitchen stuff as I would call it. All the pots, pans, baking supplies, silverware, travel mugs, mismatched mugs, food, etc. fill up our cabinets. So here is the finished product of our shelving new unit.....

Randomness that you use a lot but can never find the right place for in a rental. My small cutting boards are behind my Oven mitts and potholders!
I still need to get a "girly" chair for my kitchen desk that is under the window.  But this is such an improvement than what was going on before. 
I am going to buy these pots and rods from the IKEA fintorp collection to put on the wall next to the storage unit for pens, markers, clothespins, paper clips, and other office/ kitchen necessities. Should I do the metal or the cream? I am thinking metal, because there is a lot of cream going on! But we will see!
A picture I found of them hanging on Pinterest!



I think I also may paint this old Pottery Barn mirror Jen was getting rid of and then paint the inside with chalkboard in order to make my own daily reminder/ cute quote chalkboard! 
not sure what color I will do yet, but probably not white! But I do love this one with the white and blue!
It is project craziness around here...check back for updates!


HAPPY 4 Months Baby B

... this post is obviously a little late. Last Sunday Baylor turned 4 Months old.(WHAT?!) That officially no longer sounds like a new baby! Guess that means this mama has to get out of the new baby look too!:)
Weight: 16 lbs 9 oz...81st percentile
Height: about 26 inches ...81st percentile
Don't remember what your head was: But somewhere around 80th percentile

The nurse who took your measurements at your new pediatrician was a bit of a mute. So I didn't realize I needed to be looking. But I will ask your doc next time so I have them written down. I miss the sheets your old pediatrician gave me.

What's gone on in the past month:

 You are wearing size 2 diapers still. You probably go through about 5 or 6 a day!

You are still all over the place in your clothing sizes. They range from still in some 0 to 3 things like pants from Gap. To some 3 to 6 month onesies(pretty much grown out of these though). You are in 6 month regular shirts. 6-9 month sleepers. But again like always it depends on the place. I did start shopping at an additional store for you this month, H&M! We have one super close to us and they have adorable stuff for you, for a good price. You were 2-4 months from there(Their stuff runs big)
 You are eating between 6 and 7 oz every feeding. I don't know what it is( I have asked the pediatrician about reflux several times) but you always need breaks in your feedings. About halfway through a bottle we give you a 10 min break! You usually only burp once during or a feeding and sometimes not at all. I asked the doctor about when to start you on food, he said unless you were really pushing for it, than wait until 6 months. So that is what we will be doing. So much easier(although more expensive) for you to stay on formula for a bit longer.

You sleep through the night still, although you have started going to bed more around 9 and sleeping until about 8:30 or 9 am.  When you wake up from this your diaper is so full of pee that the blue line has disappeared! 

You still wait to eat when you first wake up from sleeping. I have a feeling you will always be like this, because it is just like your Dad (aka BFF)!

With Dad slowly starting this new job, he has been home with us in the mornings a few mornings a week! That means when you wake up at 8:30 am and we went to bed at 2 am(which we do often), you come sleep with us in our bed from 8:30 to about 10. Yes I know to most this sounds nuts, but we will enjoy it while it lasts, because soon our life will not allow this kind of schedule. So praise God we can do it right now!

 As I said before you pee a lot during the day, but you still only poop once or twice. You have have been sick lately so it has been runnier(sorry..TMI). You don't really get rashes, so for you butt paste has been a total waste of money(many people told me this). We bought you a small one but you only used it once and it didn't even help. So we just used some powder and it cleared it right up.  So for all you soon to be Mommas out there DON'T BUY THAT EXPENSIVE STUFF, because you probably wont use it.

You take 2 to 3 naps a day. You have been taking one at about 10 or 11 depending what time you wake up, one around 3 until 5 and one tiny one at around 7. I have been working out during one of your naps. We go over to Nana and Pops(they are still deciding on their names) and I work out and put you to sleep in your swing. This has worked out great! I decided that it may be easier to just do that, even though it will cost me the same as a gym membership(including childcare), because of the distance between our house and theirs. I also like the idea of this, because then you sleep while I workout and  you don't have to be babysat by complete strangers while you are awake. Considering I am choosing to stay home with you, I want most of your awake time to be spent with Mommy.

You still play on your play mat, although it isn't as interesting to you anymore. You like to sit in your bouncy seat(especially to watch TV..ha!) We have put you in bumbo a few times. But I probably won't use it until I need to more, you get bored in it. Nana and Pops got you a bouncer for their house. When we first moved here this month you used it everyday and still use it when you go over there. You LOVE it! We will be getting one for our house too, once I get this place a little more put together and all the boxes are officially out of here! You only use your swing to nap during my workouts. You are getting a little big for it, and it doesn't swing as high for this big boy anymore.

BIGGEST THING THIS MONTH: we MOVED! Get use to it B baby. This family does it a lot! Hopefully once you are in school we are officially settled some where. At least for a few years. That could be here, but at the rate we go probably not. Daddy got a job working with pops here in Tacoma, Washington. I was really sad to leave Colorado, mostly because it being your birthplace, it has a special place in my heart.  But I am so excited for our adventure here!

States We've lived in order:
Daddy: Washington, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Washington

Mommy: Texas, West Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Texas Colorado Washington

Baylor: Colorado, Washington 

You have spent the last few weeks entertaining your self more, and you have done a great job with it. We have been so busy moving things and getting everything switched over(we are pros by now) that you have had a bit more Baylor time:)

It must of all gotten to you though, because starting last weekend you got your first cold, which has progressed into a cough. At the beginning of this week the cough was just little, like the kind people usually have with colds.  Although it has progressed into a scary cough. Last night in the middle of the night you woke us up at 4:30 which a crazy sounding cough. You had all your mucous stuck in your throat and it sounded like you were choking on it. And then you were screaming at the same time. We went to the doctor today to check you out just to be safe. Of course, by the time we got to the doctor today you were much better. He just said you had to work through it but gave us some very nice advice for how to help ease it. We also put a Vicks plug in in your room and that has seemed to help a little, but mostly our whole house just smells of Vicks!

You got a new pediatrician. We left  Dr. Daake(so so sweet) in Colorado and we started going to Dr. Starr hear in Tacoma. A few of your cousins go to him and they recommended him. Although, today when we went to check on your cough, Dr. Starr was out of the office so we visited Dr. Oltman. I think we will make your next appointment with him. He was very sweet with you and with mom and dad. Sometimes with pediatricians (and OB's) you just click.

"How long can you hold your breath?"
 You got to church for the first time! We have a church we love here in Tacoma, we visited it a few times during college. Lots of Daddys family goes to this church and it isn't far from our house. We have been almost every weekend since getting to Washington. It is something we look forward to every week. You just sit and smile at everyone! Until you start moving and becoming restless we will probably keep you with us. But we don't mind taking you to the nursery(to play with your cousins) if we need to!

You have had to ride in the car again more than the truck. This means you don't sleep too much in the car. You always sleep in the truck still, but only if you are tired in the car. You don't cry or anything, you just talk and squeal.:)

 A couple other big things happened this month. On January 24th you rolled over for the first time! Your mom and dad missed the big event. I was at the gym and Dad was sitting on the couch and you were on your tummy on the other side of the coffee table. He heard a little noise and stood up and saw you were then on your back! You did it a couple more times that night.  You now roll both ways! Last  week we had to take your burrito wrap (SwaddleMe velcro wrap) off for good. You are a crazy man in your crib and do gymnastics in it. I was so scared the first night without that wrap that you wouldn't continue to sleep through the night. I was wrong, but you do end up with your arms and legs sticking through the railings sometimes! Haha.
Dance moves!...we have been watching too much dance moms!(Sorry kid)
 On February 7th you started teething. I think it may be a while before you cut any teeth, but we got out all the Teething toys, and Infant Tylenol. You have been biting everything, you look like a hungry dog at some points( and I mean that in the nicest way possible:)) Your favorite teething toy is your Sophie Giraffe that my cousin Brittan sent you! It makes a sharp squeal when you squeeze it and the rubber is very soft to chew on.

"Alright mom its my turn to take the picture!"

After your first Superbowl you also got your second haircut. As these pictures show, your hair looks even lighter than before. It continues to get more blonde, just like your dad as a tot! The only place that it is still dark is in the back.(but not nearly as dark as when you were born) You didn't do as well with this hair cut, probably because we were dumb parents and tried to start it at 9:30 at night. We didn't notice what time it was...sorry bud!

I love your puckered lips here
 You love to cuddle with anything and everything. You cuddle your "nay-nay"(burp cloth), lovies, mommy and daddy, your regular blankets, and anything that is near your hands and face. You have such a sweet and calm personality.
You get a bath every other night, unless we have a blow-out situation. This has happened a few more times than in previous months. During bath time you almost splash all of your water out of the tub. Bath time is pretty quick, it only lasts about 5 minutes. I can't wait for the days that you play in the bath... I know they will be coming sooner than I think!

You smile, talk and giggle all the time. Everyone says that you smile more than any baby they have ever seen. I don't get it, although your mommy and uncle David were always told as kids they smiled all the time. So maybe that is where you get it from, but not a bad trait to have!

A couple of your favorite things: When I play patty cake with your hands, when we make kissing sounds and faces, and also doing airplace! These all make you laugh so much! Melts my heart to hear that little giggle!

You have started opening your mouth and getting excited for your bottle. You see it coming and even if you weren't showing a lot of interest before that, you perk right up...or start whining for it. As it gets close to your mouth you open your mouth so big, and then you attack it. You also hold your bottle by yourself quite often.
 You kick your socks off constantly. Nothing stays on your feet, because you rub them together so much. I did have to get you new socks this week after you grew out of your old pair. PS Wal-mart has the best baby socks! And I do not buy any clothes at Wal-mart!
One of your Lovies!
 You have perfected your pouty lip this month. I swear I am in trouble if that thing sticks around in the next couple years. It is so sweet, its hard not to think its so cute! You even go in between smiling and your pouty lip when you are being a little stink!

You are so entertained by nursery rhymes and reading these days. You sit patiently while we read and stare at the pretty pages. Even though your dad and I sing horribly, you love every minute of it. You smile and it calms you if you are fussy! Craziness!
Look at those chubbers!

You have met so many new friends and family this month, that is the great thing about living closer to people. You met Damola and Amanda, and have already spent two separate weekends with them. And guess what.. They are moving up here now! Yay! Hopefully they will have a little play partner for you soon:)! No pressure guys! You also met a lot of your cousins and great Aunts and Uncles. You met some of the extended family and family friends on daddy's side. We were suppose to go down to Corvallis, Oregon(where mom and dad went to College) to meet all of our friends down there this weekend, but that trip had to be post-poned due to you being sick! 
 Alright B here it goes, my honest mommy feelings this month. I have been overwhelmed by the things that God is doing in our lives while you are such a young baby. He is molding our family exactly how he wants it to be and it is such a joy to watch all of it happen and to have you be a part of it.

You have brought your dad and I closer as a couple, I have a new appreciation for the man he is and I see him in a whole new light. He is so good with you, he is a daddy who knows how to make strong decisions for you which are sometimes the tough ones(like when to cry it out) but he also loves on you beyond anything I could ever imagine. Every night when we pray for you I am more grateful for God giving him to me as a husband and to you as a father! He will lead us so well, because he follows Jesus in absolutely EVERYTHING! You are a blessed little boy to have him, HE IS AWESOME!

B, I don't think we were truly prepared for the love that God would bring your dad and I as parents.  Last night as we sat and loved on you as you coughed your little brains out, we stared into each others eyes with a pain for you. We both wanted to take it all. I found myself dropping to my knees with you in my arms praying for your healing. It gave me a glimpse of God's love for us, and the love he has for you. I will give you the all the love I can while we are here on earth together. I will respect you, trust you, encourage you, teach you. But I pray you will trust in him first, he knows the whole plan for your life and he will lead you through anything and can heal you from everything and I can not! He will provide for you, and he will protect you! I will always remember he is first your parent and then me. Sometimes I will not know the right way to handle a situation or say the right thing, but I am glad there is always someone BIGGER AND BETTER watching over you! Love him with everything B!
End of photo shoot!
 Keep smiling(ALWAYS) and bringing joy to everyone around you! Your smile can change someones whole day. It is such a simple act that impacts the soul. 
I can't imagine where we will be with you at 5 months. You already look like a completely different child than your newborn pictures. I am enjoying every minute of being your mom. I am in awe of God's beauty this month. He is really impacting our lives and completely taking us out of our comfort zones. Thank you for making this transition so easy for us by being such an easy baby!