Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wow how did we get here...Week 31! Getting so very close, but so much has changed throughout my pregnancy. We are officially in the place we will be when little Baylor will arrive.  We have lived in 3 homes, just during my pregnancy. A couple weeks ago, Casey got a new job in which he needed to be in Denver, CO the next week. Well, the issue with that...I was to go to Cincinnati for my baby shower and to host a baby shower that next week.  So we got busy searching the Internet and finding a place that would take us in so quickly ad packing up all of our stuff. I swear every time I pack I say, "I never want to move again!" But, I have loved all the experiences we have received by living in so many different places and homes.
Okay so this next picture needs some explanation:  My feet had been swelling so much from packing, running errands and living for 3 months in over 100 degrees. So after being in severe pain, I went and threw on my tennis shoes without changing out of my everyday wear... a dress. My husband just started dying laughing and said he must get a picture. I can't share the top half of this picture for good reason. If you think this picture couldn't get anymore unattractive,  this is at like one o'clock in the morning before I left for Cincinnati the next day. So I had no bra, no makeup and my hair was a hot mess. Lets just say you should be glad I am not showing you:)

So on Friday July 22nd, Casey dropped me off at the airport for a week and half visit to Cinci and he drove a Uhaul truck 13 hours from Dallas to Denver. It was definitely a whirlwind of a week, but is so nice to be able to set up and organize.
Very swollen from travel and lots of packing(don't you love my palm trees I loved in High School.haha.)
I had such an amazing time with my family and friends at home.  My Best friend Emily and I are 3 weeks apart in our Pregnancies and not to mention...both  of us are having little boys. Emily is due with Anderson September 22nd. On July 24th she hosted a vintage owl themed shower for me. It was so cute and detailed, she even made Baylor and oh so sweet scrapbook. I am so thankful to have a friend willing to host a shower like that for me.
The host and myself!
Scrapbook and advise to Momma
Emily's gorgeous dessert area

 Delicious FOOD!
 Our favorite sugar cookies
Pretty Flowers

Tea and Lemonade

My present from Emily
Then a  week later, I hosted her Vintage(yes we like vintage things) Baseball themed shower. Her family and her husbands family both LOVE baseball,  so that was the way to go.  Some of Emily's college friends helped me set up and get a few details worked out I couldn't do all the way from Texas. My mom was also huge help with preparing all of the food! I was so grateful for all of their help!! I love hosting parties so much, but I really can't  wait to host one at my own house. I have yet to do that. It was so fun to be able to even get to witness more touches being put on Anderson's Baseball Nursery. The finished product is going to be 100% adorable.
Front sidewalk...lined with Baseballs
The beautiful momma-to-be in front of the sign made by Miss Ashley 
Fireplace setup. This banner was made by Lisa Fulton to hang on Anderson's Crib 
Emily and myself!
Ball park food

old fashioned coke bottles

The one outside table, we moved most the shower inside because of the heat!
Roberto as a baby
Momma as a toddler!

Favor table
Side table( Nachos, Texas caviar, fruit and pasta salads)
Emily and her pretty grandmother
Anderson will be a Buckeye baby

This chair was also decorated by miss Ashley! Love her shower chairs!

Emilys friends..there were 5 people at Emilys shower pregnant, including the Emily and myself. Amanda on the right was 9 weeks pregnant at the shower.
Ashley my great helper:)

Andersons cute Nursery so far:

I spent the week in between, shopping for baby B and hanging with my parents and seeing a few friends. It gets so hard to visit everyone when I come in town, but I try to get around as much as possible. I also ate all the ice cream I could get, in my opinion of anywhere I have lived Ohio has the best Ice Cream. It was great eating all my Cincinnati favorites without any sort of guilt!

After such a great visit, it was bittersweet leaving. Especially knowing the next time I would be in my hometown I will be a mom!:) I was beyond excited to see my gorgeous husband when he picked me up from the airport in our new home.  I look forward to the next few weeks of updating you with nursery projects and pictures as it is completed, random thoughts, and figuring out what to do in each room  of our townhouse we are renting here in Denver.

Have a blessed day!

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