Monday, December 26, 2011


I had the great idea a few months ago that I would hand make  Baylor 's birth announcements. The picture was so cute and I wanted my family to be able to take it out and frame it if they wanted to.  Well considering Baylor ended up not being born until the 19th of October, it left only a few weeks to get his announcements done before I started on our 2011 Christmas cards. 

Over the past  year I have tried to work on being a better steward of our money in the decisions  I  make.  So, order to save money on stamps and supplies, I ended up combining our Christmas card and his announcement. 

My friend Emily and  I started our cards while I was in Cincinnati, but it took me two weeks total to complete. I finally got them sent out a little over a week ago, so here they are to Enjoy...

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Two Month Birthday!!
December 19th, 2011
 Weight: 13lbs 8.5 oz(90th percentile)
Height: 25 inches(99th percentile)
Head Circumference: 41.5cm(90th percentile)
What you did this Month:
- you are wearing size 1 1/2 Diapers but I just bought some 2's(it was by accident, but they will probably fit.haha)
-You eat 5 oz every 3 to 4 hours. You had some eating problems last week when we got home from Cincinnati, but we figured out mama bought the wrong water and it was bothering your tummy. Sorry baby!
-You sleep through the night!!!!!!!! This started when we got home from Cincinnati. You were getting up once at about 5am for about two weeks before that. Now, you sleep from around 10 to 830 in the morning give or take sometimes longer, but usually at least 9 or 10 hours! Thanks for giving your mommy and daddy lots of sleep. Hopefully your future sibling's do the same. I think this had a lot to do with your Summer SwaddleMe wrap that you can not break out of(I bought it in Cincinnati)
-You are in almost all 0 to 3 month clothes. Although you have grown out of a lot of your 0 to 3 month clothes in length. The places you have grown out of 0 to 3 you wear 3 to 6. But I did put a Carters 9 month onsie on you the other day and it fit(Just a little baggy). 0 to 3 month clothing that has to go over your head is a challenge(especially Carters onesies, so you now mostly wear 6 months for their onesies) You have a giant head and they don't make the head hole big enough, even with the extra buttons. Gap is my favorite place for your clothes, they fit great and are so cute! I get your clothes from Gap, Childrens place, Old Navy,  Carters, Janie and Jack, Kohls, Gymboree, sports clothing places, and a few things at Osh Kosh and Target.
- You are very hydrated, you fill up your diapers with pee so much your little blue pampers line smears sometimes.  You mostly just poop twice a day. Once in the morning and once later in the day.
-You don't really liked to be burped when being fed. You sometimes cry, probably cause you don't want anyone taking away your food.
- I just brought out your play mat and saying your love it is an understatement. You can lay on it for hours,  just staring at your "Friends."(The little animals that hang)
-Your naps have significantly changed and you are up so much more than you use to be. You have 2 long naps during the day(an hour to two hours).  The rest are just little cat naps. You nap in either your swing, bouncy seat, or on your tummy. Although, Grammy and Pappy just got you your Pack N Play for Christmas(Our living your is your domain. haha)
- You get a bath every other day, any more than that in Denver is just not a good idea.  You love your bath you sit and smile the whole time, and have even done well with lotion time. You use to cry when we took you out of your whale tub and when we lotioned you up.

-You can notice everyone's voices and follow them very well. Sometimes your daddy's deep voice startles you!
-You smile all the time, especially when people are talking or smiling at you. You are very good at copying the faces other people make. You even smile all the time when you are just sitting by yourself, it is oh so cute.  People love coming up to you and talking to you, because you usually always flash everyone a smile.
- You still pass out in your car seat and stroller and I have to wake you up at times, because the vibration of Dads loud truck makes you stay asleep for hours.  I put a JJCole cover on your car seat, so I don't have to cover your car seat up with a blanket, every time we run out of the house. Although, I have had to start looking at your second car seat considering that you are already 25 inches and your car seat only goes to 25 inches.
-You really are such an easy going baby. Bella(Grammy and Pappy's dog) barked and growled at you the whole time in Cincinnati. You flinched at first, but never cried. Daddy and I feel so blessed, being parents couldn't be better. It seems to be easy right now, but I know you will give a us a run for our money some time.
- You LOVE to talk. Your little coo's get me every time. They are so sweet and you do it all the time. You have such a happy little voice.
- You have definitely discovered the TV more. If we have something on with bright colors, or where the light changes a lot you just stare and smile at it. Daddys video game is one of your favorites and cartoons of course.(The cartoon Grinch)
- You  LOVE to cuddle right up in everyones necks. You do not like to be held in the feeding position, unless you are eating. You like to be up on peoples chests, laying on your belly across our legs, or held sideways tight in our arms.
- You are one sweaty baby. Even though they say for most babies you need to put one extra layer on from what we have one, I don't do that for you. Although,  your hands seem to always be chilly. You are just like your mama in that regard.
-You have been grabbing things a lot more. You keep your hands open quite a bit, but also still keep them in fists.  You like to stick all your fingers in your mouth and just suck on them, especially your pinky finger.
-You also blow bubbles quite a bit. This creates the need to have a burp cloth around at all times to make sure we have something to wipe it off with.
- You do get over tired at times, this is when we hear your whine. You do it for about 15-20 minutes off and on and eventually just give up.
-Your eyes are BLUE! Very blue infact. Just like Mommy and Pappy. Daddy and I totally thought that you would have his big brown eyes, but you took after your mom!
- Your hair is CRAZY. There is no better way to put it. It is slightly wavy(you can only tell after the bath, because I comb out the waves).  The color continues to become lighter. The roots are white blonde and the ends are still dark. This creates an overall light brown color.
-We call this move your motorcycle. You do this all the time and just hold your hands there FOREVER!
- You are the heaviest sleeper, again just like your mama. There is nothing we can do to wake you up when you are passed out.
-You have your daddy's deamnor. Just very calm and easy going. You don't care who holds you or what we are doing.  People always laugh, because they forget you around half the time, because you are so quiet.
-You still love the shower, vacuum and hair dryer. It is mesmerizing to you.
-You sneeze all the time, it is the cutest thing ever. You use to get the hiccups all the time, but now that only happens every so often.
- You had your first round of shots at this last doctors appointment(December 16th).  You did awesome, you only cried right after she poked you but then were fine the rest of the day.
-You have craddle cap on both your eyebrows and scalp. Dr.Daake told me to scrub it with baby oil and a toothbrush when you get a bath. It has worked wonders. Although I haven't really done it on your eyebrows, I am a little scared to get it in your eyes.
-You haven't lost any hair. In fact, it just continues to grow and become thicker. As soon as you are able to keep your head a little more still, without the sudden jerks, we can get your hair cut. If we try  to do it before that we may slice your head open. On the way home from Cincinnati a lady at the Max and Ermas called you a she because you were in a gender neutral Christmas outfit. Dad wanted to buzz your hair right then. Sorry bud.

-We have tried shoes on you recently. You have done pretty well, sometimes you rub your feet together though to kick them off. I hope you learn to love them, because they are so cute on your little chubby feet.
-We call you are chubby boy, but in fact you are just pretty thick, you don't have a ton of rolls(except on your neck). I have noticed you even have slimmed out from what you use to be, because you are getting so long.

- You love your Lovies! I tried them out a few weeks ago and you love rubbing them on your face. And sometimes I tickle your face with them and you just give me the cutest smirks and giggles. You have so many different kinds. (People have been so generous to you)

 -Your baby acne went away at about a month and a half. Thank God!

-I am finally getting closer to finishing your room. I have been doing just a little at a time, that way I make sure I love it all. I hope you love it too.
-Now that mama can work out again, I am trying to figure out the best time of day to workout where you will  just  be totally content with chilling by yourself for and hour and half straight. Unfortuanetly, I think this will need to be first thing in the morning, lucky mama.  Now I just need to do it consistantly.
-You had your first airplane trip this month. You slept the whole time in between your dad and I. Way to beat the odds B.

You have been so fun to Christmas shop for this month. Your mama has dreamed of having kids on Christmas forever. Even though you are so little, I already have gifts for you on Christmas. I am sure Santa will love filling your stocking and I'm sure he can't wait to bring you lots of goodies as well. Can't wait for pictures with you in your Christmas PJS:) 

We continue to be amazed by you and your awesomeness:) You are going to be such a big boy, so I can't wait to see how fast you will grow, just don't grow too fast my little Baylor bear.
What will you do this next month?

Monday, December 19, 2011


When my mom was here in October for Baylor's arrival, Casey found out he would need to be in Cincinnati  for work December 2nd through the 11th.  My mom decided they would be so generous as to send Baylor and I out at the same time! I am always up for a trip to visit family and friends and this time it was even more special, because it was Baylors very first trip to Cincy and his first time on an airplane.

We spent the week relaxing, eating all my Cincy favorites(multiple times), and shopping! Baylor also had lots of firsts. He met Santa,  great friends, his cousin Brooke, Chris and Heather, Emily, Anderson and PAPPY! 
Waiting at  the airport to fly to Dayton(my parents live in between Dayton and Cincy, so we just go where the flight is cheaper)

Getting on the plane passed out in daddys arms

Nice people switched us seats and Baylor had his very own middle seat bed...where he slept the WHOLE flight, including landing(excuse my husbands erkle style dressing on our son

Watching the Steelers with my dad!

They were both thrilled, as you can see!
Playing on mama's old bed
Baylors bed for the week @ Grammy and Pappys..Thanks Anderson for sharing!
Grammy even bought Baylor his own tub for when he is at her house..after  a very unsuccessful sink bath

Christmas nightlight from Sterling Cut Glass that Grammy bought Baylor

A  and B meeting for the first time

Car ride to Deweys

Tito juggling the boys

The boys met Santa and had an outfit fiasco
So tired from the long day of meeting Santa
Shawn(Caseys good HS/College friend) came to visit

Meeting Tricia(family friend I've known since I was 3), more pictures of this night to come!
Baylor loved watching the Grinch cartoon while we were there

I already miss everyone so much and I miss enjoying some Deweys pizza(I went 3 times while we were there)! I don't know why the weeks go by so fast when we am there, but hoping we get to go back sooner rather than later.

But Grammy and Pappy are coming on Wednesday;)

My mom has so many more pictures from this week on her camera, that I will be posting when they get here!