Friday, November 18, 2011


Tomorrow Baylor will be 1 month old.  Holy Cow, did that fly by!! What a blessing this month has been. In order for this to be a documentation of B's life, I want to post some of his firsts. Some of them may seem kinda silly, but that are sweet to us.  Enjoy....

First picture EVER

First pic with Mommy

First picture with Daddy

First time being weighed

 First family picture(YIKES)

First outfit(From Off the 5th)

First family pic all cleaned up
First ride in car seat

 First time sleeping in crib(night#1)

First sponge bath(night#2) pics during bath(SCARY)

First Doctors appointment

First World Series

First snowfall

First time hanging with Kovu 

First trip to the mall with mom and Grammy

First trip to the mountains

First tummy-time..SUCCESS!

First time playing video games with daddy

Happy 1st Halloween!

First time testing out swing

First time mommy noticed I sleep with my eyes open sometimes(excuse Casey playing his Video game)

First Beaver outfit of many(From Kellye)

First Cowboys outfit...Cheering for #3

First Steelers outfit

First smiles caught on camera

First photo shoot(sneak peek to these)

First time wearing a "big boy"outfit

Sadly a lot of them were taken on our phones. I have tried to get better at this the last few days and hope to keep improving! Also trying to get more captured,  because I feel like I missed capturing bunch of other firsts!

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