Saturday, March 24, 2012


We have a big 5 month old now. Baylor turned 5 months old on Monday the 19th. Some may laugh that I say big, but I can not believe 5 months have gone by already. Even though I miss the days of him being a newborn and how fresh and cute he was, he keeps getting cuter everyday. Especially because every new thing he does is so fun. He has the best personality right now and I LOVE IT!

Weight: 18lbs(daddy weighed him)
Height: Between 27 and 28 inches(Home measurements by mommy)
Head: we will find out next month at your 6 month check up

Here is what you are up to:
- You are wearing size 3 diapers
- You wear mostly 6, 9, and 6-9 Month clothing or even some 9-12(CP sleepers run small)
-You are eating 8 1/2 oz of Similac formula every 3-4 hours. Usually 4 feedings a day, but sometimes we get in 5. We are going to start trying Rice cereal within the week. You have become very interested in watching Mommy and Daddy eat, so we think we will give it a try.
- You sleep pretty much always sleep at least 12 hours at night. Tonight you went to bed at 6:30, but usually you go to bed between 7:30 and 9 and sleep 12 to 13 hours.
- You take either one long 3 hour nap or two about 2 hour naps. You took the one long nap today, so that is usually when you go to sleep early like this. Your first nap starts about 2 to 3 hours after you wake up. If you take a second it is late in the afternoon around 4 or so.
-You have been sleeping on your belly like a champ. I find it so cute, that when I come into your room in the AM, I see your cute little face looking up over your bumper at me. You have really gained full control of your head.
- You poop once or twice a day.
- Just in the last week you have turned into a crazy man. I think your personality has become somewhat like your Uncle Davids, in fact you remind me a lot of him. You have developed so much energy and have been rolling all around the room. You can't stay on your play mat very well anymore. You just start moving around the living room. I really have to keep my eye out so you don't bonk your head.  I think you will be crawling soon, because you already have the motion, you just haven't mastered your arms and legs at the same time. This means you so of just scoot yourself forward.
- Em and Anderson came to visit last week. It was so fun having them here. It was great to watch how much you boys have changed. Considering you guys were just 1.5 and 2.5 months old when we last saw them. You guys like talking and looking at each other, there were even some kicks and hits in there as well (Boys will be boys)!
- We skyped with Grammy and Pappy for the first time and you seemed a little interested, but mostly just confused. They loved to see you though and see your little personality through the computer. 
- Like I said in prior posts, you had your first big cold, and it threw us through the ringer a bit.
- You are still great for me to get a bunch of errands done, but I think that time will be coming to an end sooner than I think. Especially now that you are in LOVE with your Jump Jump( Four Christmases anyone?) as I call it. I think you mostly want to get home so you can play. I also think your car seat is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable for you.( You are a hot baby) You just want to be free, which I don't blame you!
- You really really like cartoons, especially Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Octonauts and other Disney Junior shows. You sit and watch it like you actually know what is going on.
- You still smile ALL THE TIME! It is weird when you aren't smiling.
- I love watching your face develop more and more. You are definitely starting to look more like Daddy, but you are still mostly your Mama's mini me. Although you have much bluer eyes then I do and your hair color is totally your dads.
- You may need your third hair cut here before your Uncle David and soon-to-be Aunt Michelle's wedding next month. Your hair grows like a weed. I have been styling it with some gel this week, because it is so long. We love when your hair is cut so you look like a cute little boy. Because you have really wavy hair when it gets too long it is everywhere.
- You are no longer very quiet at church, so next week you will be going to the nursery. You are not usually upset, but you just want to talk!
-Still no teeth and your gums haven't seemed to be bothering you lately, so I am interested to see when we start it up again!...but you still love to chew chew chew on EVERYTHING, especially Sophie the Giraffe!
- My little cuddly boy is slowly disappearing, you just want to move! I can sometimes hold you if you are super tired, but usually we just put you down in your bed by that time! We never wanted you to get in the habit of falling asleep in our arms. But I hope you understand someday that mommy gives good back "tickles" you will love it again! Haha.
- You do like to be held even though you don't like to cuddle. You even let me and Amanda get through a whole manicure and pedicure the other day without a problem:)
- However you do cuddle all your blankets, lovies and Nay-nays! It is so so sweet to watch. You also rub your face like crazy with them when you are tired.
- You are officially no longer a Binky baby! You NEVER take one. So that is one more thing I won't have to buy, even though I am sort of sad, because I think they are still sweet at this age.
- You love bath time more than ever. Time to bring out the bath toys I think. You splash so much you usually splash me in the face and splash all of your water out of the tub. Once the water gets too low you have now been peeing in the tub. So silly! I can't wait to see you in the pool this summer. 
- You "spit" all the time now. When you are awake you like to make noise the whole time. Either giggling, or making funny noises with your mouth.
Your favorite things: Read books, bath time, watching TV, Mommy holding you when she is walking around, singing Jesus loves me( your favorite), Mommy's silly kisses, pulling you up to standing position with your hands, dancing, tickling your feetsies, airplane, scratching daddy's hair, sleeping on daddy's chest.
- You now grab your bottle from our hands and are so excited about it. 
- You finally gained all your weight back after getting down to 15.9 lbs while you were sick.

I can't wait to watch you this month. You get to meet a lot of Mommy's family next month in Texas for your Uncles wedding, including your cousin James that is 4 months older than you. We also get to experience your first Easter:) I can't wait to get pictures of you in your sweet outfits! I just hope it starts to get warm sooner rather than later. It is so cold here right now! 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have turned on the photo booth app on my computer a few times for Baylor. He loves looking at himself in the mirror, so I figured he would love this too. I could barely keep him on my leg he was trying to scoot forward to look at himself more!

This morning was a morning full of great videos. First, Baylor loves TV and watches it exactly like his Dad does....zoned. This is him watching the two short shows on Disney Junior I sit him down to watch. We first watch The Octonauts( which is the one on the video) and then Mickey Mouse club house. He doesn't make a peep.

Lastly, my husband figured out last night that B loves his hair. He let him rub his hair and he cracked up. He showed me this morning and I immediately got my phone out, because this little laugh is too precious not to capture!


Baylor's sweet light fixture for his room arrived last week and daddy got it put up right away for us! I am obviously still looking for the fabric for those frames(problems with being a decorating perfectionist) so I can put his monogram back in. JoAnns hasn't had it in stock for the last few months(it's actually an outdoor fabric). Oh and the pillow case for that white pillow is gone too. So I am just looking for time to make it(possibly this week em?)  After these pictures I also put Baylors bumper back on his crib after the rails constantly waking him up. I have a little boy that sleeps like a mad man. 
But I think the light fixture  is simple and understated, but totally ties in with his "theme."

Happy Wednesday ALL!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finally caved and ordered Baylor's Easter basket liner. I am getting his basket just at Michael's or something because Pottery Barn charges a little much for theirs. I ordered him the Blue gingham liner and monogrammed it with his cute little name. I can't wait for it to get in and to start filling his basket with baby goodies! Easter is such a happy time, and I love the true meaning of this holiday. It is the reason we know where we are going! It's the reason no matter who we are and what we have done, if we just believe we will be WHOLE for eternity! What a great thing to look forward too. Can't wait to share with Baylor over the years of what Jesus did for us!