Monday, November 21, 2011


So I have always found it hilarious that my dear husband sleeps with his eyes open. Sometimes this can even be slightly creepy. Especially when we wake up in the middle of the night facing each other and his eyes are slightly open. I use to do a check to see if he was awake or asleep, but now I pretty much can tell the difference.

Well...I have another creepy sleeper on my hands. Although, this one is pretty cute too, because he smiles while he does it!!! Here is a video I took tonight when he fell asleep on the floor after I changed him for bed. He doesn't have his eyes open as much as he is smiling in this video, but he usually does them at the same time! So funny

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I haven't had my hair done since before my baby shower in July. Yes, horrible I know. This usually would not be so much of a problem, but the guy I went to in Texas went a bit blonder than I prefer. This gave me the idea to now go back to my natural color, or as close to it as possible.  I have always compared my natural color to Jennifer Anistons hair.  It isn't exactly the same, but it is the closest picture I can show to someone. I want to do a combo between these two colors of hers. Closer to the second picture.

When we go to Cincinnati in a little over a week I am getting my hair done by the lady who did my hair in high school. I worked at the hair  salon she worked at, and had been getting my hair done there since elementary school. I can't wait to see what it looks like. I am definitely ready for something new! I will post pictures after it is done!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay, so I swear my husband isn't  a huge video game person, but it sure seems like it lately.  It's his only way of really "hanging out" and catching up with his friends and family from far away. He plays Battlefield almost every night. Last night, after his long week, he didn't even take time to change out of his work clothes. 

Although, with all of this being said, he doesn't miss a second from hanging with our boy.  He holds him and talks to him while he plays.  These were a few pics I grabbed last night of them. :)

starring at Daddy,"When can I play?" haha!

"Hi Mom!"

"Wow this game is sweet!"


Happy One Month Baylor!!

Weight: 12lbs 0 oz
Height: about 23 1/4 inches... you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you my pulling too hard on your leg

What you did this month:

- You are wearing size 1 diapers and have been since the hospital. Your first diaper was your only newborn diaper. 

 -You have only spit up once in your whole first month and that was yesterday, right after mama changed you into fresh clothes.
-You eat 3 to 4 oz every 3 to 4 hours during the day.  You eat the same amount during the night, but sleep at least 4 hours and have made it as much as a 6 hour stretch(always the first stretch though).
-You are wearing almost all 0-3 month clothes, except for a few newborn carters sleepers and a few newborn Childrens Place pants and onesies. You also have worn a few 3-6 month stuff that is still a little big on you, especially in length.
- You poop every time you eat almost, but that is starting to fade out.
- You stare at whoever is feeding you, the entire time.

- You have been sleeping in your crib since day one, except for when we repainted your room a week ago. (Your mama is NUTS) Those 3 nights were a bit miserable for mommy and daddy, because you are quite a loud sleeper! (grunts, snorts and snoring!)
-During the day you sleep mostly in your bouncy(vibrating) seat and swing. But we also do tummy-time once a day and you seem to love that.
 - If you have trouble falling  asleep I run the vacuum, hair dryer or shower and you are out within 30 seconds.
 -You also LOVE your car seat and stroller. You could sleep for hours in it. I will admit though you will stay asleep longer in the truck than the car, probably due to the loud vibration of the truck.

-If we have to let you cry it out(which is rare), you go from loud, no breathing screaming to have no slowly calming down phase.

- You are such an easy baby. You only cry when you are hungry or occasionally when you are getting your clothes changed(mostly just if the head hole is small:)) .  You use to cry when you got your diaper changed, but that stopped about 2 weeks ago. You are content to just sit around and look at the wall or watch tv.

- You can definitely tell your night and day apart, which is nice for us! At night right after you feed, you go right back to bed. 

- When you are asleep you will sleep through literally anything. The vacuum cleaner even fell down the stairs this week and it didn't phase you.

-You have been smiling so much in the last week, we have even gotten an occasional giggle.

- You are such a snuggler, you crawl right up into our necks when we lay you on our chests.

- You show us you are hungry by screaming or shaking your head back and forth real quick and/or sticking your hand in your mouth.

- You had to have sponge baths until you were 3 weeks, because it took your belly button crusty that long to fall off. I think it was just stuck in all your chub!

- Your circumcision ring took 2 weeks to fall off.

- We do weekly Friday lunches with daddy and you stay awake almost the whole time, I think because you hear his voice and don't want to miss out on your time with him.

- You have become so alert lately and will even look directly at us when we are talking to you. 

- I wouldn't call you a binky baby, because you won't take it all the time, but it is nice that you do sometimes!
- You look identical to mommy's baby pictures, but we think you have daddys chin.  I have a feeling though as you lose your chub, you will start to look like daddy.

-Your hair is definitely starting to lighten up. It is brown on top, but closer to the root it is blonde.

-You have had baby acne pretty bad, but it is starting to fade.

-You love your glow seahorse at night. If you have any sort of problems falling back asleep, it will put you right to sleep.
- You and daddy are best buds, I love watching you two together!

- I love you to pieces, you have made mommas recovery a breeze and make it so easy for me to get everything done in a day and still have times for lots of cuddles.

I can't wait to see how you continue to change:)
   Happy one month Baby B!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Tomorrow Baylor will be 1 month old.  Holy Cow, did that fly by!! What a blessing this month has been. In order for this to be a documentation of B's life, I want to post some of his firsts. Some of them may seem kinda silly, but that are sweet to us.  Enjoy....

First picture EVER

First pic with Mommy

First picture with Daddy

First time being weighed

 First family picture(YIKES)

First outfit(From Off the 5th)

First family pic all cleaned up
First ride in car seat

 First time sleeping in crib(night#1)

First sponge bath(night#2) pics during bath(SCARY)

First Doctors appointment

First World Series

First snowfall

First time hanging with Kovu 

First trip to the mall with mom and Grammy

First trip to the mountains

First tummy-time..SUCCESS!

First time playing video games with daddy

Happy 1st Halloween!

First time testing out swing

First time mommy noticed I sleep with my eyes open sometimes(excuse Casey playing his Video game)

First Beaver outfit of many(From Kellye)

First Cowboys outfit...Cheering for #3

First Steelers outfit

First smiles caught on camera

First photo shoot(sneak peek to these)

First time wearing a "big boy"outfit

Sadly a lot of them were taken on our phones. I have tried to get better at this the last few days and hope to keep improving! Also trying to get more captured,  because I feel like I missed capturing bunch of other firsts!