Friday, November 18, 2011


Okay, So I got a package on our porch this morning that made me jump for JOY!  Literally (Yes, sad I know).  
How cute is this packaging?!!

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the blog A Blue-Eyed Boy met a Brown-Eyed Girl. She had posted about a special deal with Erin Condren.  It was a deal to get one of her life planners( $50 dollar value) for only $12.50 through Plum District :)  I had heard from Amanda how amazing these planners were and I was so excited! Especially since I am OBSESSED with writing down my things to do, important dates and etc.  Even with having technology to type these things up online, there is nothing like writing this stuff down the old-fashioned way and checking them off!  

Here is a video of the Life Planner....

I decided with being a new mommy and my life mostly revolving around baby "B" and our life that I would design one with his picture on the front. You make recognize the picture I used, which is one of my favorites from the hospital, taken by our good friend Laura Paulescu!



So excited to start filling it up:)

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  1. haha i soooo love planners. everything about them! i could sit down for a day and just write in them :) i love this.