Saturday, November 19, 2011


Happy One Month Baylor!!

Weight: 12lbs 0 oz
Height: about 23 1/4 inches... you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you my pulling too hard on your leg

What you did this month:

- You are wearing size 1 diapers and have been since the hospital. Your first diaper was your only newborn diaper. 

 -You have only spit up once in your whole first month and that was yesterday, right after mama changed you into fresh clothes.
-You eat 3 to 4 oz every 3 to 4 hours during the day.  You eat the same amount during the night, but sleep at least 4 hours and have made it as much as a 6 hour stretch(always the first stretch though).
-You are wearing almost all 0-3 month clothes, except for a few newborn carters sleepers and a few newborn Childrens Place pants and onesies. You also have worn a few 3-6 month stuff that is still a little big on you, especially in length.
- You poop every time you eat almost, but that is starting to fade out.
- You stare at whoever is feeding you, the entire time.

- You have been sleeping in your crib since day one, except for when we repainted your room a week ago. (Your mama is NUTS) Those 3 nights were a bit miserable for mommy and daddy, because you are quite a loud sleeper! (grunts, snorts and snoring!)
-During the day you sleep mostly in your bouncy(vibrating) seat and swing. But we also do tummy-time once a day and you seem to love that.
 - If you have trouble falling  asleep I run the vacuum, hair dryer or shower and you are out within 30 seconds.
 -You also LOVE your car seat and stroller. You could sleep for hours in it. I will admit though you will stay asleep longer in the truck than the car, probably due to the loud vibration of the truck.

-If we have to let you cry it out(which is rare), you go from loud, no breathing screaming to have no slowly calming down phase.

- You are such an easy baby. You only cry when you are hungry or occasionally when you are getting your clothes changed(mostly just if the head hole is small:)) .  You use to cry when you got your diaper changed, but that stopped about 2 weeks ago. You are content to just sit around and look at the wall or watch tv.

- You can definitely tell your night and day apart, which is nice for us! At night right after you feed, you go right back to bed. 

- When you are asleep you will sleep through literally anything. The vacuum cleaner even fell down the stairs this week and it didn't phase you.

-You have been smiling so much in the last week, we have even gotten an occasional giggle.

- You are such a snuggler, you crawl right up into our necks when we lay you on our chests.

- You show us you are hungry by screaming or shaking your head back and forth real quick and/or sticking your hand in your mouth.

- You had to have sponge baths until you were 3 weeks, because it took your belly button crusty that long to fall off. I think it was just stuck in all your chub!

- Your circumcision ring took 2 weeks to fall off.

- We do weekly Friday lunches with daddy and you stay awake almost the whole time, I think because you hear his voice and don't want to miss out on your time with him.

- You have become so alert lately and will even look directly at us when we are talking to you. 

- I wouldn't call you a binky baby, because you won't take it all the time, but it is nice that you do sometimes!
- You look identical to mommy's baby pictures, but we think you have daddys chin.  I have a feeling though as you lose your chub, you will start to look like daddy.

-Your hair is definitely starting to lighten up. It is brown on top, but closer to the root it is blonde.

-You have had baby acne pretty bad, but it is starting to fade.

-You love your glow seahorse at night. If you have any sort of problems falling back asleep, it will put you right to sleep.
- You and daddy are best buds, I love watching you two together!

- I love you to pieces, you have made mommas recovery a breeze and make it so easy for me to get everything done in a day and still have times for lots of cuddles.

I can't wait to see how you continue to change:)
   Happy one month Baby B!

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  1. i laughed so hard at some of these adorable pictures :) can't believe it's been a month. i want to squuueeeze him! RIGHT NOW :)