Sunday, January 8, 2012


Most of you know I am what you call, Christmas OBSESSED. I absolutely love everything that comes along with it. All the pretty lights, delicious food, sparkle, sweet smells, family, cute clothes, fires and traditions. This year will be one I was always remember, our very first Christmas with our sweet boy.

My parents came in town on the 21st and will be staying with us until the morning of the 31st. We have been shopping, touring around Colorado and enjoying a lot of relaxation.  We have been blessed with such an easy going baby, so it makes it very easy to do lots of fun things with ease.  I am sad this time of year is almost over, it brings so much joy to my life. I look forward to it each year and then it is over so fast!  But I have to admit I can not wait to enjoy Christmas with Baylor and his fun personality next year.
Trying on his hat...which was  suppose to be for his stocking(still went in it) but  needed for Breckenridge

my favorite  outfit of his this winter
playing on his mat...his morning routine
It makes him so happy he will do  it for hours
11  inches of snow  on Thursday morning before Christmas
on the way to the  pretty
out Christmas shopping
Mommy and baby

Grammy and Pappy with their boy
sleepy boy while  we were  shopping
my boys!


enjoying the scenery

Gorgeous..going on vacation here some day

our little  family!
Snow sculpture
This is  my husbands doing...pure laziness
cute  little Starbucks
I love him in this outfit, perfect for Breck!
Grabbing  his toy for the first time...he wouldn't let go

Baby boy napping Christmas Eve afternoon
Big blue-eyed boy  awake

before his very first hair cut:)

such an easy going baby...he smiled throughout the whole hair cut
This looks like he was making a nasty voice but it didn't last
Christmas PAJAMAS!

I  may be  biased...but I think he is so handsome
ready for bed on his first Christmas Eve
our mantle before Santa came
Kovu  playing as Santa was performing his(her) magic:)
What could be better than Christmas lights
right after Santa visted  our house
First stair  picture..plan to get one every year before the kids come down


waiting  for Momma to help him open his stocking

Casey ready to open a gift from Jon and  Jen
Mama and Baylor Bear
Grammy and her earrings from my brother and Michelle
Dad opening his Xavier ticketes
Before all his gifts were opened for him

Gap stuff from Aunt Michelle and Uncle cute is his smile
Doesn't he look like a cute little elf here with all his presents

Christmas Baby worn out
trying  out his new bumbo
Going to Garden of the  Gods

 I love this lil stinker

Thats just a little recap of our Christmas vacation. More cute pics to come

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