Monday, January 23, 2012


Last May my sorta mother in law, Jen(who raised my husband), threw me a fun and beautiful baby shower in Tacoma, WA. Lots of Caseys family and family friends came to celebrate our new bundle of joy! This was just two weeks before we found out which sex we would be having. So, the shower was a gender neutral bed time story shower.  I have finally uploaded the pictures onto my computer, so I thought I would share with you.
The cute invitation

slipper party favors to wear for the party! Great idea, plus who wants a lot of new shoes in a brand new house!

One Game table

We had three different kinds of soup: Chicken noodle, Broccoli Cheddar and my fav Split Pea

How cute are those little bowls for soup

Candy and popcorn. YUM!

Bubble gum balls


Jen makes the best choc chip cookies! How cook is the milk and cookies set up with books?!

Lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fondant stars


She prob had a good 100 or more of these hanging from the ceiling

Alaphabet book making table

Everyone made a letter page, with magazine cut outs, stickers and other crafts

She made a worksheet for the name game where she spelled out BABYKJOS all the way down and then people had to think of a name for each letter. Whoever had the most that no one else had won! Omg did people think of some funny ones!

Dirty diaper game

I wish I could be eating all this stuff now!

She did such a great job with all this suff!

Salads and sandwiches

I love all Jens luxury appliances! Look how sweet these pull out refrigerator drawers are


Working on the alphabet book

How cute are these two ladies!

Decor and Casey's cousins Melissa and McKenziand Grandma. Kenzi on left (was pregnant with her little boy Kayson in this pic, she had him July 4th!)

People working on their pages

Caseys Aunt Martha and her oldest daughter Michelle, who had her little girl Kadence a couple months later(July 10th)

The black team, no just kidding, I just think its funny they are all wearing black!

Jen had everyone bring books or gift cards or both! Great idea for an out of town baby shower!

Looking at custom Thank you cards someone made me that matched the invites to this shower!

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Opening gift cards! Slightly awkward! haha.

Jen just sent the finished product of the hardback Alphabet book

It turned out so great

Jen put a little insert to Baylor on the inside

A couple of the pages

The back which shows the last page! Of course we are cowboys fans so Jason Witten had to be included!

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  1. So fun to finally see pics, wish I could have been there! Can't wait to see you!