Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy 3 months Baylor Matthew

We did these measurements at not sure if they are 100% accurate.

Weight: 16.2 lbs
Height: 26 inches
didn't get many pics of you were really fighting your nap
Head: didn't even want to attempt this with our metal measuring tape.

What has been going on this month:

You are wearing size Two diapers. They were a little big for most of the month, but they pretty much fit perfectly by now.

You have gone up in down in your eating habits this month. I think it has to do with your growth spurts throughout the month. You mostly at 5 oz every 3 hours and 6 oz right before bed. Although on 1/14 you started eating 6 oz every feeding. Although most feedings you are only going 2  1/2 hours( I think that is def a growth spurt). You may need to have 7 oz every couple feedings. But then you will prob go back down to 6 oz every feeding after the spurt is over.

You burp every 3 oz during a feeding, although you scream when we take the bottle out of your mouth to feed you. You are one hungry boy!

Still sleeping through the night, and now its for even longer. We put you to bed sometime between 845 and 1030 depending on your last feeding. You then sleep for 12 hours!! And you wake up totally happy:) You will just talk to yourself in your crib. What a great way to wake mommy and daddy up! This only was a problem when Grammy and Pappy were in town. You got up a few nights while they were here, but just around 4 am. You must have just been excited to see everyone.

You never want to eat right when you wake up. We change your diaper and take you downstairs to play on your mat for about a half an hour or you come cuddle in bed with us for about that long.

You are all over the place in clothing. It really depends on what the piece of clothing is and where is it from. In Childrens place clothes you are in 3-6 clothing and 6-9 (sleepers and hats) 0-3 and 3-6 shoes(though you hardly wear shoes). Old Navy 3-6 clothing and sleepers. Gap you are in 0-3 clothing(button ups, pants, etc) 3-6  clothing(one pieces and sleepers). Nike you are in 3-6. Carters 3 in larger sweat outfits, 6 months sleepers, onesies, reg pants, and button ups. RL you are in 6-9. Gap is still my favorite for you, probably because I can dress you like a little man from there!
on a quilt that Diane made for you..we sent her a picture of you laying on it!
You go through diapers all the time, but mostly just pee. You poop at least once and even sometimes twice a day.  It is usually within the first few hours of being awake. You sit pretty still while we change your diaper, and of course smile the whole time!

You take 2 long naps in during the day. One 1-2 hour one in the late morning/ early afternoon and one in the early evening that is about the same amount of time if not longer. You also take a few short 15 min to 30 min naps. Although today on your month birthday, you decided to try to not nap(except for a small 15 min one and 30 min one) and crashed at 7pm even though we woke you up at 930 for a bath and to eat .

You love your play mat still, although sometimes you need to be entertained by mommy or daddy while you play under it. One nap of the day is usually on your tummy on your mat(you are a great tummy sleeper). I also put your arch entertainer on your bouncy seat. You will sit in that for a while, especially while we shower! You still love your swing, but mostly now just for naps. You take one long nap in it. When we move to Washington in the next few weeks I am going to buy you a jumper or exasauscer. You love to look around and play with things, but I think you are getting bored with being on your back all the time. You do love when we put you in your bumbo, because you can sit up and look around. I can't believe you can sit up in that thing already. We have started today to try to lay you down in your pack n' play for a nap. This way you get use to not just falling asleep, but being put down for a nap. You like it, although you just would not fall asleep anywhere today.

You sleep like a rock in the truck still, although for when we are out and about I have added some hanging toys to your car seat. I also usually keep a stuffed animal and/ or your lovie in the diaper bag in case you are awake and have to be in your seat( like at a restaurant).

You love to use your hands these days. You will cuddle your lovie any time I give it to you and rub it all over your face. If you have nothing in your hands, your hands are in your mouth( which I now have to wipe off constantly). You also love to grab our fingers and Mommys hair(lovely)!

You are blowing bubbles as well, which means your burp clothes are now in constant use. If I have you up on my chest you will suck on my shoulder, you just love that mouth.

You still get a bath every other night. I also scrub your eyebrows and head every couple baths to get rid of some of your cradle cap. Although it is definitely dying down(you never really had it that bad), but I just hate your eyebrows looking so dry. The cradle cap on your scalp is almost all gone.

You are so interactive these days, especially smiling. Everyone always asks me if you really smile all the time, and the answer is YES! You are so stinking happy. I think it is what helps you sleep through the night, you are just so worn out from raising those big chubby cheeks to smile. Occasionally, you still get startled. You also have a very good pouty lip though. I think it is cute!
In the last month you have had 2 sets of visitors. Grammy and Pappy came the 21st through the 31st for your first Christmas and mommys birthday! Then this past Sunday Jen and Aunt Jada came for a little over 24 hours to meet you. You will be meeting the rest of the family next week when we move to Washington. Yes, you are only 3 months old and we are already moving. But that is the way it goes, hopefully by the time you are in school we will finally be somewhat settled. We are still waiting on Daddys dream job, but until then we will be living in Washington while daddy helps coach in the inner-city with Jon(we haven't thought of a nap for Jon and Jen yet).

I will miss Colorado so much, especially because you were born here. It makes this city have a very special place in my heart. Also, because it snows so much and WE LOVE SNOW! We have had snow almost every week or every other week since you were born. A couple over those being a foot! If we ever have the chance to move back here, I will love it! Colorado weather is funny though cause I always have to check the weather before I dress you for the day, it will be 20 one day and 60 the next.
"Mom, really?"
You are a hot boy! Not only are you a hot sleeper like your mama, but you also get super hot in your car seat. I usually take some layers off you if you will be in your car seat for a while. I don't want you to sweat too much, because I know how much I hate to sweat!

You are so vocal now. You coo, babble, giggle and even laugh. I love all of your many noises, it brings so much joy to this house!
"What are these?"
You love to watch TV still, especially if the light changes a lot. Although you are not entertained by it at all when daddy has Fox news on.( I completely understand)

You love to cuddle still. Daddy and you will take long naps together (mommy is not a napper). My favorite thing is the fact that when I pic you up you actually grab close to my body like you are giving me a big bear hug! This is seriously such an indescribable feeling.
You look terrified, or about to cry...which I think it was about to cry! Because you were so overtired
I still think you are slightly anemic. Your hands are always cold, so I still put some of your socks on your hands during the day. I do this mostly when you are napping, because you like your hands too much when you are awake.

You still never spit up. I think you only spit up once this past month. It is so nice of you to make the lack of clothing mommy and daddy have these days last!! haha!

Your eyes continue to get lighter, although they are still a darker blue. But they are so pretty and you have long eyelashes, just like your handsome Dad!

One huge event this month: YOUR FIRST HAIRCUT! Yes, my little dark haired boy is completely gone. You are a blondie, which I figured you would be, just not this soon. On Christmas eve we decided it was time (well more dad did, and I now agree you needed it). It is so weird to look back at your pics and see the difference. You may even need another one soon. I think by summer you will have really light hair, just like your dad did when he was little!

This month we also had your first say it was magical is an understatement. I can't wait until future Christmas with brothers and sisters and when you will open and play with your gifts. I loved starting the traditions that we were able to do this year.
You are infatuated with your body parts, especially when your eyes come in contact with your feet. You are look so puzzled by those cute piggies!

You don't wake up for anything and I love it! When you are asleep a bomb could go off and I am not sure you would wake up, which is exactly what your dad and I had hoped we could create. My biggest pet peeve: People telling you to be quiet when their baby is sleeping.
so I resorted to trying to get some while you still refused to even take a nap with daddy(your fav spot)

I love watching you sleep though, you do this little sucking thing, like you are sucking on an imaginary binkie. Although you rarely even take your binkies during the day anymore. You don't really need them, so unless you whine or cry we don't even try to put it in your mouth. Why have to get rid of something later if you don't even really want it. Although, when you do have one in you look like a little doll!

You sneeze, cough, and get the hiccups. Thank God though you have not actually been  sick, except for a little cold. But unlike most babies, you actually like the nose aspirator. You think it is the funniest thing!

There is still no loss of hair for you. You have one thin spot on the right side of your head, but your other hair covers it up. The sides of your hair(side burn area) is starting to get more hair . You weren't born with very much there, but it is slowly starting to come in more.

You still kick off most shoes, but I don't think it is on purpose, you are just always moving your feet so it is hard to keep them on.
that is one tired boy!...STOP fighting it!
Everyone you are around notices what a good baby you are, and I pray you continue to stay that way.(I will love you no matter what though:)) 

I have started reading to you every night before bed, the doctor recommended that it was never too early to start. You like too look at the pictures and I touch your hands to all the books that have different material, like fluffy bunny ears, etc. I also sing to you and play worship music for you when we are hanging in your room. The singing part eventually will prob make you cry instead of smile, once you realize how bad your mom truly is at singing. My favorite nightly routine is our prayer time. It is usually the three of us(unless one of us isn't home) and dad and I switch off nights. You just smile the whole time, which as a mom gets me every time. We pray for all we are thankful for, your life, your health, we praise God for that day, and pray God continues to teach us how to raise you in a Godly manner. We also pray for your future wife! (even though she may not even be born yet)
You love your daddy!

So we are 3 months into your life and we are already moving on from this beautiful birth city of yours! It has been great to us, I can't wait for our new adventures in Washington and for you to meet all of our lovely family and friends there!


  1. love it! i laughed out loud several times at your little comments haha...especially about making him cry when you sing. crack me up :) can't believe these boys are as big and as old as the are already!!

  2. Loved it. Love his face looking at his feeties, so stinking cute. Also love your prayers with him, proud of you, you are awesome parents, not that I ever would have expected differently :)