Friday, January 20, 2012


 Okay, so I will have to get something off my chest. I am all for any way that women want to deliver their babies.  I think it is a personal choice, no matter which way you choose. In my head my delivery was suppose to go one way... epidural, short time pushing and pain free...well at least after the epidural. Yes I was one of those, I don't want to feel this insane amount of pain that I just don't think I could possibly get through alive. And  I am proud of it! But that wasn't the way it went for me.

The beginning went as planned, with a quick progression and no pitocin(which I would have gotten if I needed it), but that's about it. After that it was epidural, no pain, a little pain, lots of pain, lots of pushing(3hrs) and a c-section. But even though in the delivery room I was terrified of having a c-section, I am so thankful that there is an option for a C-section. I know a lot of women frown upon c-sections and act like you ain't no woman unless you do it natural. Well here is my honest truth, childbirth is painful for everyone in some sort of fashion. It is scary for everyone in some sort of fashion no matter who you are and what your birth experience is. But most of all, if you haven't walked in someones shoes. DON'T give your nasty look, your personal advice and yada yada.

I trusted my OB completely, she was smart(a little quirky), compassionate and thoughtful. I knew no matter what the circumstance she would try to keep me and my baby safe. That is why I had to write this today, I am sick of people being so concerned with the the amount of C-sections lately being a huge problem. If it wasn't for C-sections, who knows if my baby and I would be here today. He wasn't coming out, no way no how! He was too big!!!!!! I tried trust me, I exhausted myself trying to get him into this world the way people think is the "right way"( or part of that, because I was going to have an epidural) But I have to say, I am so thankful God gave someone the knowledge of C-sections and spinals, because it is how I have my smiley, cute, joyful baby boy!

I am the type of person that let other people talk and say what they want and usually don't say anything back. But seriously I am sick of having to be ashamed of the way my baby was born.

So if I have to respect your decision to do it the way you choose, just respect my experience and my cherished moment. It is sad that people don't see it as that, instead they view it as a doctors unsafe decision and something an epidural pushed you into. All of my babies will probably be entering this world in that way, and I can't wait for more pictures like this....


  1. I am sorry people made you feel that way! How awful! I was born a C-section and my brother was and my nephew was! C-section saved my nephew! And my brother was SO big, 10 10 he temporarily paralyzed my mom from trying to pushing! Scary stuff!! So glad Baylor is here and he came the way God intended him too! :)

  2. Preach on, sista! God will send each child the way they are supposed to enter this world... natural or not, epidural or not, c-section or not. YOU, my friend, are a REAL woman regardless, but you're more of a woman because you experienced a little bit (or a lot) of it all!!! LOVE.

  3. Your labor and delivery is just as beautiful, and miraculous as anyone who does it any kind of way. We have a lot more c-sections now days, but we also have a lot more live births, happy, healthy babies, and mommas.

    Baylor Matthew is a miracle, and you are a STRONG woman that I am proud to call my friend. Love you!