Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finally caved and ordered Baylor's Easter basket liner. I am getting his basket just at Michael's or something because Pottery Barn charges a little much for theirs. I ordered him the Blue gingham liner and monogrammed it with his cute little name. I can't wait for it to get in and to start filling his basket with baby goodies! Easter is such a happy time, and I love the true meaning of this holiday. It is the reason we know where we are going! It's the reason no matter who we are and what we have done, if we just believe we will be WHOLE for eternity! What a great thing to look forward too. Can't wait to share with Baylor over the years of what Jesus did for us!


  1. I ordered Lucas' last week too! It should arrive this week and then I have to find a basket also... I can't believe Pottery Barn charges $34 for a basket! (Of course it is Pottery Barn ha ha)