Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So the lovely winter cold/ cough has hit this house. It started with little B and now the three of us are all taken out. Last Tuesday Baylor had his 4 month appointment and had a slight cough. By the end of the week he was up every night at 4 am coughing like crazy and puking. We took him to the doctor again on Friday just to make sure he was okay, and he just has to work through it. He is slowly getting back to normal. But nights are still hard and it has definitely effected my sleeping through the night baby.
Of course this weekend the hubs and I started feeling stuffed up. Now we have all kinds of congestion, itchy ears and throats, stuffy noses and just feeling totally under the weather. Hopefully I can report back soon with a healthy household!

  Here is some pictures to document his past sick week.
Bath time after getting sick all over his clothes
If that's not a stuffed up look I don't know what is

This is how this sick boy has been sleeping lately! Always up next to his rails.

We have been wearing bibs and having burp clothes around at all times, because there is lots of stuff being spit up

Getting ready for a walk in the fresh air on a nice day this past weekend

Me and my boy on our walk

how snuggly and cute is he

my boys!

had to pull over on the way home so this boy could cough up some gunk

blurry pic but you can see his gunk on his blankie! GROSS!

passed out on the couch.. notice the hair everywhere!

Watching tv hanging with his sophie giraffe
This mama got her hair done! Hopefully the new color grows on me, change is always scary!

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