Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Baylor's sweet light fixture for his room arrived last week and daddy got it put up right away for us! I am obviously still looking for the fabric for those frames(problems with being a decorating perfectionist) so I can put his monogram back in. JoAnns hasn't had it in stock for the last few months(it's actually an outdoor fabric). Oh and the pillow case for that white pillow is gone too. So I am just looking for time to make it(possibly this week em?)  After these pictures I also put Baylors bumper back on his crib after the rails constantly waking him up. I have a little boy that sleeps like a mad man. 
But I think the light fixture  is simple and understated, but totally ties in with his "theme."

Happy Wednesday ALL!


  1. I love his room! And yes, let's work on some serious projects...should I pack my sewing machine so you can show me how to use it? HA! :)

  2. Great room! Love it! Lucky lil' dude :)