Saturday, February 25, 2012


Our new condo is a bit smaller than the townhouse we were living in in Colorado! Because of this we have a very limited amount of storage for all of our stuff. Up until late this week I had all of our kitchen stuff just sitting on the floor.

We decided we would look at IKEA for a shelving unit. We needed to have something right away or I would have had my unbelievable craftsman of a husband build it. Our garage finally got organized for him to have his workplace late this week as well. So we wanted to go somewhere we could get one for a reasonable price. 

I loaded it up with all of our "pretty" kitchen stuff as I would call it. All the pots, pans, baking supplies, silverware, travel mugs, mismatched mugs, food, etc. fill up our cabinets. So here is the finished product of our shelving new unit.....

Randomness that you use a lot but can never find the right place for in a rental. My small cutting boards are behind my Oven mitts and potholders!
I still need to get a "girly" chair for my kitchen desk that is under the window.  But this is such an improvement than what was going on before. 
I am going to buy these pots and rods from the IKEA fintorp collection to put on the wall next to the storage unit for pens, markers, clothespins, paper clips, and other office/ kitchen necessities. Should I do the metal or the cream? I am thinking metal, because there is a lot of cream going on! But we will see!
A picture I found of them hanging on Pinterest!



I think I also may paint this old Pottery Barn mirror Jen was getting rid of and then paint the inside with chalkboard in order to make my own daily reminder/ cute quote chalkboard! 
not sure what color I will do yet, but probably not white! But I do love this one with the white and blue!
It is project craziness around here...check back for updates!


  1. I have the little pots, love 'em! We may be making weekly trips to IKEA when we get up there. Gotta get creative with space for sure!

  2. I LOVE. Wanna rip out my pantry and do something fabulous right there?!