Monday, December 19, 2011


When my mom was here in October for Baylor's arrival, Casey found out he would need to be in Cincinnati  for work December 2nd through the 11th.  My mom decided they would be so generous as to send Baylor and I out at the same time! I am always up for a trip to visit family and friends and this time it was even more special, because it was Baylors very first trip to Cincy and his first time on an airplane.

We spent the week relaxing, eating all my Cincy favorites(multiple times), and shopping! Baylor also had lots of firsts. He met Santa,  great friends, his cousin Brooke, Chris and Heather, Emily, Anderson and PAPPY! 
Waiting at  the airport to fly to Dayton(my parents live in between Dayton and Cincy, so we just go where the flight is cheaper)

Getting on the plane passed out in daddys arms

Nice people switched us seats and Baylor had his very own middle seat bed...where he slept the WHOLE flight, including landing(excuse my husbands erkle style dressing on our son

Watching the Steelers with my dad!

They were both thrilled, as you can see!
Playing on mama's old bed
Baylors bed for the week @ Grammy and Pappys..Thanks Anderson for sharing!
Grammy even bought Baylor his own tub for when he is at her house..after  a very unsuccessful sink bath

Christmas nightlight from Sterling Cut Glass that Grammy bought Baylor

A  and B meeting for the first time

Car ride to Deweys

Tito juggling the boys

The boys met Santa and had an outfit fiasco
So tired from the long day of meeting Santa
Shawn(Caseys good HS/College friend) came to visit

Meeting Tricia(family friend I've known since I was 3), more pictures of this night to come!
Baylor loved watching the Grinch cartoon while we were there

I already miss everyone so much and I miss enjoying some Deweys pizza(I went 3 times while we were there)! I don't know why the weeks go by so fast when we am there, but hoping we get to go back sooner rather than later.

But Grammy and Pappy are coming on Wednesday;)

My mom has so many more pictures from this week on her camera, that I will be posting when they get here!

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