Monday, December 19, 2011


This Thanksgiving  we were planning on heading to the northwest to spend some time with Casey's family.   Well last minute we decided it would be better to spend the money to go, when we actually could stay for more than 48hrs or so.

So instead we went  down to spend the day and evening with Caseys Aunt Becky, her husband George, their kids and Caseys Grandma Ruby. She was visiting from the week before. It was a very relaxing day with some yummy food mixed in.  I even tried out one of Pioneer Womans recipes, and it was DELISH! But we did have one very memorable thing happy on our sweet little boys first Thanksgiving, we hit a deer! And  not just any deer, but a huge buck, on the freeway in the middle of downtown Denver!!! So glad we were in the truck:) Just a huge scratch down the side, but we were all safe!

Here are some sweet pictures from our day!

We have  so much to be thankful for and we owe it all to our Savior:) Hope we can remember all our blessings all  year long and not just on Thanksgiving!

only one bummer...I had no one to go black Friday shopping with:( There is always next year!!

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